EcoVeggies’s approach to operating urban farms is directly tied to our social mission. EcoVeggies will deliver healthy and sustainable dietary options for those who live in urban and suburban areas that do not have direct access to these food options – the food deserts.  By targeting these food deserts and thus locating in areas affected by “urban blight”, EcoVeggies believes that there will be a direct revitalization of  these areas and counteract the loss of industry/commerce in the communities affected.

Establishing urban farms will re-introduce commerce and industry into the urban areas in need of economic and social jump start. This in turn will lead to employment and skills training opportunities for the surrounding communities. Coupled with increasing local production of and availability of farm fresh and healthy food, the food deserts are effectively diminished.

EcoVeggies will seek to develop local and regional retail opportunities to fortify our sustainable business model. Look for an EcoVeggies farm near you soon!